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What you can do

to stop Microchipping

In order to stop the overwhelming push for microchipping, we can start with doing the following:
Do not buy any products or services from companies supporting Microchip technology.  For a list of companies, click here.

Write to all of the companies supporting microchips and inform that you will not be purchasing any of their products or services until they cease supporting this technology.

If you bank with any of the banks supporting microchips, close out your account and inform them of your reasons in writing.

Do not microchip your pet.  This is simply a widespred trial to prepare for human microchipping.

Write to all of the companies involved in the development of the technology expressing your concern.

Write an article expressing your concern and submit it to the media for publishing.  You will be surprised how many news sites or papers will run with your article.  It is a hot topic afterall.

Write to political parties informing them of your stance.

Inform as many of your friends and colleagues about the potential threat of microchipping.

If you have a website, dedicate a page to microchipping or link to us.

Create a webpage dedicated to preventing microchips.

Let us remember the way to cause direct action is to stop the industry's income.  This means financially supporting companies who make a stance against the technology and not supporting companies who are involved in the technology.  This means closing out bank accounts with Verichip shareholders (or other microchipping company shareholders) and informing the companies that you are doing this.  This is the only real way to make an impact.